Roger Rottmann Memorial Scholarship

At the 37th Annual Chapter Business meeting of The Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society two students recieved the Roger Rottmann Memorial Scholarship.

Award recipients:

  • PhD: Katie Lawson
  • MS: Natalie Simon

The Roger Rottmann Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Roger Rottmann, one of the first fisheries biologists ever hired by the State of Florida University System. Roger conducted fisheries and aquaculture research for more than 20 years at the University of Florida, producing numerous scientific journal and educational publications and videos.

This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding students enrolled in Florida universities and colleges. Congratulations to our award recipients! #AFS147


Student Social at Lowry Park Zoo

We had a blast last night at the Lowry Park Zoo for the student social! We saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, and more. Students participated in Fisheries Scientist Bingo games to win #AFS147 swag like t-shirt, tumblers, and buffs!

Send us your pics of your zoo expierence to be featured on our blog by emailing Natalie Simon at

Geoffrey H. Smith Awarded The Florida Chapter Student Subunit Travel Award

Congratulations are in order! PhD candidate Geoffrey H. Smith of the University of Florida was awarded the Florida Chapter Student Subunit Travel Award #AFS147! Today he gave an amazing presentation on the Potential Impacts of Non-Native Pike Killifish on Juvenile Common Snook

Abstract: Pike Killifish is an established non-native fish species in Florida that was first documented in south Florida in 1957 and secondarily in Tampa Bay tributaries in 1994. Decreases in small-bodied fish abundances have been linked to the introduction of Pike Killifish in both of these regions. Increases in the range and abundance of Pike Killifish in the Tampa Bay area and overlap in habitat usage has led to concerns about potential predation on , and competition with, early-juvenile Common Snook (≤100 mm SL). Several lines of evidence point to minimal or no impacts of Pike Killifish on early-juvenile snook in Tampa Bay tributaries. Predation trials indicate that Pike Killifish are capable of consuming juvenile snook up to 48 mm SL, but no snook remains have been found in the diet analysis of Pike Killifish. There is a small degree of diet overlap between these species, and declines in the abundance of some prey groups has been detected in locations where Pike Killifish and snook co-occur. However, diet overlap of early-juvenile snook from locations with and without Pike Killifish co-occurring remains high and there is no indication of reduced condition or growth of early-juvenile snook in the presence of Pike Killifish.

Student Social Details- Lowry Park Zoo

Special Invitation from Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Student Subunit #AFS147

Dear Students, Get ready for a great student only social tonight at the Lowry Park Zoo!!!

Remember to bring the following: 1) Meeting badge, 2) Student ID, 3) Valid Government ID if you plan to consume alcohol, 4) Money for a cash bar

Transportation to the Zoo is provided for free and you must travel via bus to receive your wristband for entry. Each student will also receive one complimentary drink ticket. Badges and ID’s will be checked as you board the bus.

Date: Tuesday, August 22nd Pickup

Time: 515 – 6 pm. Buses will be lined up in front of the Tampa Marriott waterside starting at 515. Buses will leave once they have filled up. Don’t be late!

Pickup Location: In front of the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina (700 South Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33602)

Food and Drink: We will receive a catered meal including one free alcohol drink per student. Complimentary drink tickets will be handed out as you load the bus. A cash bar will be available for those interested in purchasing additional alcoholic drinks. Our meal will consist of all-beef hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, cookies, brownies, iced tea, and lemonade. Vegetarian burgers and beans will also be available

Activities: We will host a networking game at the zoo to encourage you to connect with other students. This variation of bingo requires you to meet other students who have done various fisheries related activities. Record student details in the appropriate box (name, AFS division) and once you complete a row you can enter your bingo card to win prizes (Tervis tumblers, conference shirts, and other goodies) that will be raffled off at the end of the social

Returning from the Festivities: The student social will wind down at 9 pm, at which point buses will begin to leave. The last bus leaves at 10 pm!!!

Pickup Location: Out front of the Lowry Park Zoo

This event was made possible by the generous donations from the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, the Florida AFS Student Sub-unit, the North Carolina AFS Student Sub-unit, and Biomark. In total, these sponsors have contributed $4,645 in donations!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email:

Student activities for the day!

We’ve got a lot planned for today’s #AFS147 meeting. Please note the following:

FL AFS Student sub-unit meeting

When: 1150 am -1215 pm

Where: Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor, Room 3

Student Mentoring Event

When: 2:30-4:30 pm

Where: Tampa Convention Center, Room 30B

Student Social/Networking Event

When: Pickup is 515-600 pm DON’T BE LATE, Event winds down at 9 pm

Where: Buses will pick up students outside the Tampa Marriott Waterside

WHAT TO BRING: Meeting badge, Student ID, Government issued ID if you want to drink alcoholic beverages, money for a cash bar. You will receive your wristband for entry to the zoo and complimentary drink ticket as you board the bus.

FL AFS Student Subunit Meeting

Want to get involved with AFS at the local level? Here is your chance….

We will be hosting a Florida Chapter AFS Student Sub-unit meeting on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 1150 – 1215 (during lunch break). We will meet on the 1st Floor of the Convention Center in Room 3.

Why attend? Because this is your opportunity to get involved at the state level with AFS! Gain leadership experience, expand your professional network, and contribute meaningfully to AFS, all in a low stress environment! We will host officer elections and provide information on blog contributions, and student scholarships. Involvement at the student level looks great on your resume and this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference!!!

What: Florida Chapter AFS Student Sub-unit meeting

When: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 1150 – 1215

Where: Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor, Room 3

We hope to see you there! Florida AFS Student Sub-unit